Monday, September 29, 2008

Initial Thoughts

I love all things monogrammed. Don't ask me why, but I love seeing anything that is personalized with a monogram, whether it's one letter or three. I love them on totes, shoes, make-up bags, jewelry, stationery, EVERYTHING. Check out this eye candy...







Needless to say, I've thought about my future monogram quite a bit. C has great initials: CCC. His mother's initials are CCC, and I think it's really neat that they have the same monogram. After we are married, my initials will be....


That's right, the first three letters of the alphabet will be my new monogram. Here's how it looks in some fun fonts...

Adine Kirnberg-Script


Beauty School Dropout


I'll post more on my decision to change my name later, but for now, I'll ask this: is anyone else excited about a new monogram? Have you played with your new initials like I have?


1 comment:

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