Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asking for Their Blessing

When I read Love's post on B's Rules of Engagment, I realized that I completely failed to tell you about C asking both sets of parents for their blessing on our engagement.

I realize that this is a pretty old-fashioned practice these days, but as our families are so important to both of us, it was important to C to officially get their blessings before he popped the question. Plus, seeing as C won't be finished with school yet when we tie the knot, it was especially important to "clear" the plans with his parents. So when he knew the proposal was eminent, he spoke with his parents over hot dogs. His parents were pleased, and said they would, "of course" offer their blessing. C told me about talking with his parents, mostly because he knows what a control freak I am :). He also knew that I was nervous about what his parents would think about us getting married "so young." {C & I with his family at my college graduation}

The next little bit of info C passed on to me was that he was planning on asking my parents for their blessing in late May. He asked if they would want to go to dinner with him, and also wanted suggestions. He ended up taking them to Lakeside Tavern on the Sunday of Memorial Day. My mom told me afterward that she ended up asking him "So why are we here?" before he brought up the subject! (My mom's as antsy about such things as I am!) He explained to them that he had loved me for a long time and that he wanted to propose to me this summer, with the hopes of getting married next summer. They, of course, offered their blessing. They were thrilled that this was all happening! I think my mom may have been just as giddy as I was about the possibility of a ring in the near future! {My parents on a hiking trip in middle TN}

So, I knew when C asked his parents, and when he asked my parents. As I mentioned in one of my first posts, we even booked the church before I got the ring. There was no question as to whether or not we would receive my parents' blessing, but it was important nonetheless.

Anyone else's finaces/husbands ask for your hand/your parents' blessing? Do you wish he had? Do you wish he hadn't?


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