Saturday, September 6, 2008

Real Weddings: Jessica's Bridesmaids' Luncheon

This was my first real bridesmaids' luncheon so I was super excited and it didn't disappoint. The luncheon was hosted by the brides' sisters (who were also bridesmaids) and her mother's best friends. It was a small, intimate gathering of bridesmaids and close female family members.

The event was held at Gourmet & Co., a local upscale eatery, in a special event room. Jessica wanted to do individually decorated cupcakes for the wedding reception, but they cost too much. As a surprise they had the same cupcakes at the bridesmaids' luncheon and they were delicious! Everything at the luncheon was integrated the pink and green theme of her wedding.

One of my favorite, personal touches was the guestbook. Instead of having a traditional guestbook the hostess had a platter for everyone to sign their best wishes for the bride and groom. I love this idea because this is something that Jessica can use again, display, or use as a keepsake.

The bride is the youngest daughter in her family. Both of her older sisters are married and it has become a tradition in her family for the sisters of the bride to embarrass her at her bridesmaids' luncheon. For her eldest sister's bridesmaid luncheon the sisters presented an "evolution of Rachel's hair," which included pictures throughout the 80's of her hairdos. Her older sisters wanted revenge, *cough* I mean to carry on the tradition for Jessica.

Jessica is a self-professed geek, lover of games shows, and competition. So, for Jessica's bridesmaids' luncheon her sisters presented JESSpardy, a personalized take on Jeopardy (one of the bride's favorite game shows). The categories included "Kid's Stuff," which was full of embarrassing stories and pictures of the bride's childhood, "Geek," which highlighted Jessica's geekiness, and finally "Klutz," which included stories of the bride's clumsiness. By the end of the "game show" everyone was laughing hysterically and sharing their Jessica stories. The sisters got their fair share of revenge. . . I mean shared in a special tradition.

I thought the bridesmaids' luncheon was a great opportunity for all the special women in Jessica's life to get together and relax before the wedding craziness officially began. Jessica presented the hostess' with silver and pearl framed pictures of her bridal portraits as a thank you.

Her bridesmaids' received green and pink monogrammed bags, white flip flops for when our heels got too uncomfortable, OPI nail polish to be used for our pedicures, Swarovski crystal earrings and necklaces to be worn for the wedding, a special note from the bride, and a bridesmaid's survival kit. The survival kit, which came in handy for everyone, included: gum, safety pins, bandaids, Q-tips, nail files, sewing kit, double stick tape, handkerchief, and an airplane bottle of alcohol.

By the way, the boys were not left out. One of the groomsmen's family treated them to bowling, lunch, and special bowling awards as a special treat.

Next up: Jessica and Hunter's real wedding


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