Monday, September 15, 2008

DIY Centerpieces: Trial

Last week I had a few hours to kill between work and a Bible study. Due to high gas prices (We're up to $4.99 a gallon here in Knoxville, and we're reported to have a shortage. It's been a bit of nightmare, actually.) I opted to avoid driving home to then drive back toward work for the Bible study.

Alas, the best laid plans for saving money were spoiled when I decided to spend my vacant hours wandering around a few of my favorite discount stores in search of wedding-related items.

My first stop was to Big Lots. Now, I have to say that this isn't my favorite store in terms of atmosphere. Sometimes I feel like I need to shower after I've been in there. But boy, do they have deals. It was totally worth the heebie-jeebie feeling when I found these great candle scape rocks. At other stores, including discount super-stores, 16 ounces of these shiny glass rocks are about $4 each. Not here. At Big Lots I got the awesome stones you see pictured for just $2 a bag. Plus, I also got two 24-ounce jars of clear rocks for the $2 price tag. I'll probably be going back to buy out the rest of the rocks later in the game. They're exactly what I was looking for. I'll have more photos of rock implementation in a later post!

So after the Big Lots adventure, I headed to Carolina Pottery. If you've never experienced a Carolina Pottery (or Old Time Pottery, or the recently-out-of-business-much-to-my-heartbreak Dixie Pottery) you're missing out. Such stores are warehouses of goodness for ridiculously low prices. My mom & I picked up 8 glass globes that we'll be using in our centerpieces at Old Time Pottery a few weeks ago for a mere $1 each. We bought out the globes at Old Time, and we still had 6 tables to go, not to mention others that I'd want scattered (in the bathrooms, on the guest "book" table, on the food tables, etc). Moral of the story, I needed more globes. So, I stopped into Carolina Pottery to see if they had something comparable. Sure enough, they did. And though the globes here were a buck fifty, I bought one to compare with the eight we already had. If they worked, I'd head over and buy the remaining 5, and any others I found necessary! Also, Mom & I had scouted Carolina Pottery a few months ago, and we found these cool tall vases that I really liked. Since I was there, I picked one of those up, too, just to test them out.

Now that I had the rocks, the globe, and the vase, all I needed was flowers to complete my trial run at centerpieces. Off I went to Kroger, whose floral department is quite possibly my favorite. I found gorgeous white hydrangeas, which just so happen to be the blooms I have in mind for the globes. I also grabbed some white daisies, as the BM bouquets will have Gerber daisies, and I thought it might be nice to see what they looked like. Lastly, I got some white alstromeria, because, well, they're cheap. But these flowers seriously last forever, and I really like them in general, so I decided they were a good investment.

So, the photos, all from my awesome camera phone, show you the different centerpiece options. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?


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