Friday, September 12, 2008

B's Rules of Engagement

B has his own rules of engagement. No, I'm not the only one! He knows mine very well and has been aware of them since very early in our relationship. There will be no ring on a holiday, he will get down on one knee, and I don't fear engagement via the Jumbo Tron.

He's a good apple.

However, because I am able to have my rules so can he. Here are B's rules of engagement:

  • We can never go ring shopping together. He's not one of those guys that wants to pick out the ring together. We've looked online lots, but never walked into a jewlery store together to look for rings. I know we never will. He often jokes (at least I hope it's a joke) that I have one chance to tell him what kind of rings I like and that's it. His philosophy is that the ring is a gift that's giving to me and he wants to pick out himself.

  • No one can help him pick out the ring. It's all him. I know that my mom, FMIL (future mother-in-law), sister, best friend, Amore, or any other trusted confidant will be not invited to join him on his search for my engagement ring.

  • He will ask my parents. B can be old fashioned. He will forever insist (just like my father does) on calling his in-laws (or future ones) Mr. and Mrs. ____. He will never call my parents by their first names. Following in tradition, he thinks it's important to ask my parents before proposing to get their blessing.

  • The proposal will be a surprise. B loves to surprise me. I hate surprises! Well, let me re-phrase that: I love surprises, but am rarely surprised because I always insist on knowing what's going on. He has the ability to surprise me whether it's driving from Atlanta to show up at my door a day early or giving me a gorgeous diamond and sapphire necklace for Christmas he prides himself on his ability to surprise me. I expect nothing less from his proposal despite the fact that I know I'll try to find out every detail.

Although I fuss about it, I like that B has his own rules. His rules simply show that he plans on putting a lot of thought into how he will propose someday. I don't know what the ring will look like, how or when he will propose, but I know that he's The One and that's all that really matters.


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