Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meet Mr. October

Mr. October is B!

We officially met in college, but can count numerous times that we were in the same place at the same time and didn't meet. We knew of one another before we knew one another.

Finally, at college we met and our first "real" memory of one another is the fall day years ago when I knocked on his dorm door asking for his vote for me in Student Government. We talked for hours (much more attention was given to him than my other constituents) and he introduced me to the others in his dorm. I still don't know if he voted at all in that election, but I won and a friendship was born.

I'd like to say he voted for me, we fell in love, and the rest is history. . . . except that's not true. Lots of time and lessons passed before we became a couple.

For the next few years we dated other people and just innocently flirted whenever we were around one another (the picture, taken by Amore, was years before we began dating). I was a member of his sister sorority so we ran into one another quite a bit even after his graduation. I admit I got excited whenever I knew he would be around, but nothing ever materialized.

It wasn't until last fall that things really started happening for us. Our big obstacle: he lived in Atlanta and I was finishing up college in Virginia. That's why he made perfect sense to be my Mr. October: someone I'd always been attracted to who couldn't be more than just a fling because of distance (remember love doesn't like to be given limitations--even 385 miles).

In September, we began messaging one another and then the phone calls began. B is not a phone guy (most guys aren't). Before we started dating his longest phone conversation in months had been 20 minutes. After our phone calls began we consistently hit the four and five hour marks. We never ran out of things to talk about. Sleep was no longer necessary. . . overrated really. I will forever be grateful for those days of our "courtship." We spent hours every night, hundreds of miles apart, getting to know one another over the phone.

By the time October, and our college's homecoming, rolled around we were giddy. I knew this would be more than just a fling and I counted down the hours until his arrival. When we were finally together there was no question that it was a good thing. . . . sparks and all :-)

We did the long distance thing for a few months until B returned to our college to finish his teaching requirements. Finally, in August, he got his first teaching job and loves it! We're in the same town and life is so sweet together!

He makes me laugh. Not just laugh, but big belly laugh and giggle all the time. He challenges me to question my politics, beliefs, and reasons, but always allows me to think for myself. He respects me and takes care of me. He brings joy to my life. He loves me the way I always hoped I would be loved.

So, B has been Mr. October, November, December, etc. and back to being Mr. October again. I don't need a calendar. He's a keeper.


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