Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fortune Toss

I've been an "official" bridesmaid twice in the past year. Both brides were named Jessica. I've caught the bouquet at both weddings. Tradition says I shall be the next to marry.

I was always that girl who stood for the bouquet toss along with all the other single girls at the wedding, but crossed my arms. I did not move toward the bouquet and would rather it fall to the ground than land in my arms. I wanted to no part in catching the "flowers of pressure."

Luckily, one of my best friends since childhood, Tabitha, who married two years ago took pity on me. As the old maid in my hometown, she realized that I would be one of the only girls "of age" standing for the toss along with her cousins who had yet to hit puberty. She took pity on me. . . in a creative twist on a wedding tradition.

Instead of the tradition bouquet toss, Tabitha had a fortune toss. What's a fortune toss? According to Martha Stewart Weddings, "this distinctive toss bouquet is made up of a cluster of smaller bouquets, each bearing its own secret fortune that offers more detailed information about future husbands to a few agile guests."

The fortunes can include things like: "You will marry your true love," "You will marry a movie star," or "You will marry your first kiss." The fortune I caught at Tabitha's wedding said, "You will marry a millionaire," which doesn't look like it will come true for me. . .

I love this idea because it doesn't single out one girl and it allows everyone to get a piece of the bouquet if they want. Fortunes all around!

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