Saturday, September 6, 2008

Real Engagement: Jessica and Hunter

This past weekend I continued my job as professional bridesmaid in the wedding of Jessica and Hunter (both friends of Amore and I). Before I give you all the details of their wedding weekend o' fun I think it's important to share their story book engagement story with the world.

Jessica and Hunter met in high school and were instant friends. They shared a group of friends that did everything together and Jessica was always the girl who hung with all the boys. After attending college together, they soon realized that their relationship was more than friendship. They dated throughout college.

Both Jessica and Hunter love to travel and have are lifelong learners. After graduation, Jessica attended graduate school in London while Hunter lived in France teaching English. They spent the year traveling throughout Europe together and learning how to deal with long distance (the international kind).

One weekend Jessica went to visit Hunter in Paris and they went out to dinner and for a walk. She had no idea what was about to happen. During their walk Hunter stopped at the Pont Alexandre bridge, which overlooks the Eiffel Tower. Just as the tower lit up, Hunter got down on one knee and asked Jessica to marry him! She was totally shocked and, of course, accepted.

Because international calls are so expensive she was limited in who she could call. I got a voicemail asking me to be a bridesmaid, but couldn't return her call to celebrate. Facebook became their main way to communicate their engagement. They enjoyed getting tons of wall posts, messages, and e-mails as the word quickly spread among our group of friends.
Later that night they joined his family, who were visiting and celebrated together. The next day his cousin followed them around Paris and took lots of engagement pictures. They soon set the date for August in Tennessee (where they're both from) and started planning their big day. . . . from an ocean away.

This was not only a story book engagement, but also perfect for this adventurous couple.

Next up: Jessica's bridesmaid luncheon

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