Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks Chesney

So pretty much right after I posted about my fabulous cat, Chesney, and making sure he's nice and healthy, he goes and does this to me...

(Forgive my poor-quality camera phone pics. The c-phone is my only digital pic option at the moment...)

I have just one thing to say...

Damn Cat!

I haven't even had a chance to blog about my DISE (do it, someone else! coined by the now Mrs. Peacock on Weddingbee) veil before Chesney--the notably de-clawed feline--got a hold of it and chewed holes in it. Luckily we didn't break the bank on my beautiful veil, but I was, of course, already in love with it! My mom made the veil for me and has already said that she'll make a new one, but she's going to be waiting a while before getting started again. For some reason she doesn't want to jump right back in to sewing on hundreds of clear seed beads...

In the mean time, I will show you how momma Amoré and I managed to make my veil and headpiece for under $50, rather than the $300 we were looking at paying in the store. Too bad we'll have to tack on a few more bucks to the overall "veil & headpiece" line item in the budget. I guess that's why most companies include an "incidentals" category...Damn Cat!

Have your pets spoiled any of your wedding projects/supplies/accessories?


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