Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better than Rudolph--Claymation!

The cake has, by far, been the fuzziest of the wedding details for C & me. I've seen the way everything else looks in my head, but the cake and its topper have been a mystery. I've tooled around on all the appropriate sites:, Weddingbee, Martha Stewart Weddings, I still don't quite know what the cake itself will look like, but then I saw these adorable Etsy cake toppers from Subtle Details. They are made from polymer clay to look like the bride and groom, and immediately I knew I had to have them! So cute, so customizable, and they will look so adorable on a shelf or mantle in our nest!

I just love the details!

Aren't the flowers adorable???


Alas at $325 per couple, these are more than a little out of our league.

Enter DISE project #2. You saw the remnants of DISE project #1 yesterday...(Still a little angry at the cat...) DISE #2 is courtesy of my fantastic sister and matron of honor. She's always been the more organically artistic of the two of us. She can draw, paint and, luckily for me, sculpt! When I saw these cake toppers, fell in love with them, then came back to planet earth, I immediately sent Erin an email with the link asking if she could come up with something similar at a lower price. She said she'd try! Here's a recent picture of C & I at a football game. We'll refrain from talking about the outcome.

You can't totally tell in this, but I have brown curly hair. Carter has close-shaved dark blond hair. Momma Amore' will make a miniature veil for the Cc, and Erin will make a bouquet to look like mine. We're also tossing around the possibility of giving the mintiature C a guitar and giving the miniature me a camera. What do you think? Would those accessories be too much?

She even put C in flip flops! How perfect!

All photos by the talented artist, Erin. How do you think she did?

What are you doing for your cake topper? Did you get DIY or DISE inspiration from somewhere?


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