Monday, September 29, 2008

Initial Thoughts

I love all things monogrammed. Don't ask me why, but I love seeing anything that is personalized with a monogram, whether it's one letter or three. I love them on totes, shoes, make-up bags, jewelry, stationery, EVERYTHING. Check out this eye candy...







Needless to say, I've thought about my future monogram quite a bit. C has great initials: CCC. His mother's initials are CCC, and I think it's really neat that they have the same monogram. After we are married, my initials will be....


That's right, the first three letters of the alphabet will be my new monogram. Here's how it looks in some fun fonts...

Adine Kirnberg-Script


Beauty School Dropout


I'll post more on my decision to change my name later, but for now, I'll ask this: is anyone else excited about a new monogram? Have you played with your new initials like I have?


Calendar Girl

I'm a calendar girl. Well, not a very successful one. . . . No, I'm not Miss July and I didn't pose for an actual calendar. Allow me to explain myself. . . .

Last September after the end of two serious relationships ("home boy" and "bad life choice") I decided that I didn't want anything serious and that it was time for me to truly experience dating. This led to declaring myself "Calendar Girl," which meant that I would date one boy a month. At the time this seemed like the perfect plan to me. I would be able to casually date and enjoy my senior year of college. I thought I had it all figured out, but as we all know (or have learned the hard way) you can't put too many rules on love (although I try). . . .

Enter Mr. September who was exactly what I needed at the time: a few text messages and a single date. Being a Calender Girl seemed like the plan for my life! Until all my plans changed and Mr. October walked into my life. . . . .

Did you find love when you stopped looking?

Next up: Meet Mr. October


Sunday, September 28, 2008

A love for all seasons

I'm a firm believer in the seasons. I think that it's important, for me, to experience all seasons together before marriage.

This doesn't mean that I have a timeline for dating or even engagement. I think you can know he's "The One" before you experience all the seaons together, but I could never marry someone without having experienced the fullness of seasons with him. I am lucky to have experienced the fullness of seasons with the love of my life.

B and I began our romantic relationship last fall (make that a year exactly on Saturday :-). During our seasons together, I have had time to learn about his "winter depression," which amounts to his dislike for cold weather in Virginia. In the spring, I learned about his extreme devotion to the Atlanta Braves. The summer continued his love of baseball, the outdoors, and brought the challenges of job searches.

In addition to his changes along with the seasons, I have also been able to share in holidays with his family. Because family is so important to us both it was important that we spend significant time during our dating relationship with one another's family. We both spent significant time during the holidays together and realized how important it was to understand one another's traditions.

Each season has brought new joys and challenges for our relationship. I continue to learn and love more about B with each change. In the grand scheme of things four seasons is a short time, so I think it's important to share in all of them together before joining in marriage.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better than Rudolph--Claymation!

The cake has, by far, been the fuzziest of the wedding details for C & me. I've seen the way everything else looks in my head, but the cake and its topper have been a mystery. I've tooled around on all the appropriate sites:, Weddingbee, Martha Stewart Weddings, I still don't quite know what the cake itself will look like, but then I saw these adorable Etsy cake toppers from Subtle Details. They are made from polymer clay to look like the bride and groom, and immediately I knew I had to have them! So cute, so customizable, and they will look so adorable on a shelf or mantle in our nest!

I just love the details!

Aren't the flowers adorable???


Alas at $325 per couple, these are more than a little out of our league.

Enter DISE project #2. You saw the remnants of DISE project #1 yesterday...(Still a little angry at the cat...) DISE #2 is courtesy of my fantastic sister and matron of honor. She's always been the more organically artistic of the two of us. She can draw, paint and, luckily for me, sculpt! When I saw these cake toppers, fell in love with them, then came back to planet earth, I immediately sent Erin an email with the link asking if she could come up with something similar at a lower price. She said she'd try! Here's a recent picture of C & I at a football game. We'll refrain from talking about the outcome.

You can't totally tell in this, but I have brown curly hair. Carter has close-shaved dark blond hair. Momma Amore' will make a miniature veil for the Cc, and Erin will make a bouquet to look like mine. We're also tossing around the possibility of giving the mintiature C a guitar and giving the miniature me a camera. What do you think? Would those accessories be too much?

She even put C in flip flops! How perfect!

All photos by the talented artist, Erin. How do you think she did?

What are you doing for your cake topper? Did you get DIY or DISE inspiration from somewhere?


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks Chesney

So pretty much right after I posted about my fabulous cat, Chesney, and making sure he's nice and healthy, he goes and does this to me...

(Forgive my poor-quality camera phone pics. The c-phone is my only digital pic option at the moment...)

I have just one thing to say...

Damn Cat!

I haven't even had a chance to blog about my DISE (do it, someone else! coined by the now Mrs. Peacock on Weddingbee) veil before Chesney--the notably de-clawed feline--got a hold of it and chewed holes in it. Luckily we didn't break the bank on my beautiful veil, but I was, of course, already in love with it! My mom made the veil for me and has already said that she'll make a new one, but she's going to be waiting a while before getting started again. For some reason she doesn't want to jump right back in to sewing on hundreds of clear seed beads...

In the mean time, I will show you how momma Amoré and I managed to make my veil and headpiece for under $50, rather than the $300 we were looking at paying in the store. Too bad we'll have to tack on a few more bucks to the overall "veil & headpiece" line item in the budget. I guess that's why most companies include an "incidentals" category...Damn Cat!

Have your pets spoiled any of your wedding projects/supplies/accessories?


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Notice for Pet Lovers

I know many brides (and folks in general) have furry, feathered and/or four-legged friends, so I wanted to pass on a pet food recall. The makers of the Pedigree family of pet foot have voluntarily recalled some of their dry dog and cat food. My own Chesney was sick this weekend after I bought him one of the recalled bags of cat food. The affected lots are possibly infected with Salmonella. Check out the Mars Petcare recall website to see if your pets' food is affected. If so, you can return the food to the store from whence you purchased it to receive a full refund.

And for your viewing pleasure, my Chesney-boo.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Allow me to Introduce...(2)

...My inner feminist.

I would have never considered myself a feminist before I went to college. To me, feminists were bra-burning, "liberal," and all-around bad. Then I went to college and learned more about what a feminist truly is. Here's my favorite definition, as spoken by Rebecca West: "I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat, or a prostitute."

Last night, I went to the grocery to get cat food and cat litter. (I insist that I'm not a crazy-cat-lady, but I do own a feline...) I elected to go through the self check-out because I was, of course, on the phone. Well, the self-checkout must have been having a bad day because when I scanned the catfood and placed it in the bag, it told me to put it on the scanner and wait. So I waited. And nothing happened. Then it told me to remove the item, so I did. Then it got angry and told me I needed to scan the item I had just placed in the bag, even thought the charge for said item was clearly on the screen. Meanwhile, the guy in line behind me (keep in mind that there are 6 total self check-out lines, and only 3 or 4 were full, but this guy was waiting in line behind me) starts clicking his tongue like I'm taking too long. So I hang up the phone to try to concentrate more fully, and when I look back at the guy he smiles and laughs--evidently he's flirting with me?

Well, making eye contact with this guy was the biggest mistake I made all day yesterday, because he took that to mean that I needed him to come to the rescue and help me figure out this new-fangled-technical-machine thingy. He proceeded to come up to the kiosk and start touching the screen, trying to fix it in all his manliness. He quickly realized that it was NOT user-error that was causing the problems. Once the grocery store employee worked his magic to tame the machine, the cat food scanned just fine. The overly helpful and demeaning fellow customer then proceeded to press the "pay now" button, and tried to walk me through the payment process. I had yet to scan the cat litter, so I quickly took over, hit the back button, and scanned the litter. After I lifted the litter & scanned it, my helpful friend then said, "Oh hun, I would have done that for you." I paid for my cat supplies and high-tailed it out of there. I've never felt more demeaned in my life.

Now the question is, "what on earth does this have to do with wedding planning?" It got me thinking about the relationship of husband-to-wife and the vows that couples make at their weddings. Lisa, August bride #1, recently attended a wedding in which the bride promised to obey the groom, but the groom made no such promise to the bride. Lisa was not a fan of this, as she said she thinks that each should promise the same thing to the other.

So here's where things get a little hairy in Amore' Land. I agree with Lisa, 110%. I have no intention of promising to obey C. However, we are, in many ways, extremely traditional, and promising to obey is a very traditional vow. Chances are, in our marriage, I will "obey" C in some way or another. I have already done so (for example, I only have one tattoo, not 2 or 3 or 4. He's not crazy about tattoos, though I would totally love to have another one). But promising to obey will not be part of our ceremony.

The other feminist-vs-wedding conflict is the quesiton of "giving the bride away." You already know that C asked my parents for their blessing, but the giving away during the ceremony is a different concept, at least in my mind. It's one I'll be pondering and discussing with my closest--namely C and Love--and then share my conclusions at a later date.

What are your feelings on promising to obey? What about giving away?



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Allow Me to Introduce...

...My photographer, Mark Boxley. Mark is a young journalist in Knoxville. His photo of groomsmen in flip-flops that I showed you before is the thing that said to me..."We've got to get this guy!" So many of his photos convey the kind of personality that C & I share as a couple. After we met him and found out he'd graduated from UK (where C's dad graduated from and of which C is a HUGE fan) and that he's currently working for a newspaper in Blount County, we knew he was our man.

Sadly, I received an email from Mark this weekend that said that's he's moving :( He's been granted a fellowship in Columbus, Ohio. However, he will still return to Knoxville to photograph our wedding in May. While it may be a little nerve-racking on Friday before I know that he is, in fact, in the state, I think it's totally worth it for the quality of photos and the amazing prices he offers. I don't know yet if he'll be continuing to photograph weddings in Ohio but if he is, and if you're an Ohio bride, book him! And if not, check out the awesome slide shows on his website

And now for the good stuff!