Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Must Haves

B and I agree most of the time. Certainly there are times when he thinks I'm ridiculous and I think he's irrational, but for the most part we can come to an agreement.

Even before he proposed we both knew our wedding ran the risk of getting out of control. I love weddings and that could be dangerous! As a professional bridesmaid, I've seen up close lots of weddings and I've also learned a lot.

In order to control our wedding (and our budget) we made a list of our "must haves," or the things that mattered the most to us for our wedding:

* Personal ceremony that included communion: We both have a strong faith and it was important to us that our ceremony be focused on our faith. It was also important to us both to share in communion with our guests and for us, it doesn't get much more personal than that. (I promise to post about our communion ceremony after we finalize the details.) His father, an ordained minister, will marry us, which will add the ultimate personal touch!

* Good food, drink, and dancing: We know we're going to have a great time because we're getting married, but we also want our guests to enjoy themselves. The best weddings I have ever been to are those where everyone celebrates! We know we wanted our guests to share in a good meal, drinks, and then dance the night away.

* Great photography: We completely agree that great photography is important to us. After the flowers are gone and the white dress put away we will use our pictures to look back on the day. We're still searching for that great photographer. . .

Sitting down and talking about our priorities really helped me focus on what mattered most. So we're going to take care of our priorities before we focus on our details.

What are your "must haves?"


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