Monday, January 5, 2009

I found her!

Saturday I went shopping with my entourage (MOB, MOH, 2 BMs, reader, and aunt) to search for "the one," the dress of all dresses--my wedding dress! As I said before I was determined to fall in love and I admit I was nervous that it wasn't going to happen. I had hyped myself up and invited my favorite women to join the search--what if I didn't find her? There was serious pressure!

After a close call with drama when nearly all the bridal dressing rooms were taken (I had an appointment, but another bride didn't), I took a deep breath and was ready to begin the search. The first dress I tried on was okay, but I stood in the mirror in awe because I was finally trying on wedding dresses! Wow!

As a "busty bride" I know that most dresses don't just easily zip on me and my body claims multiple sizes. The first two dresses I tried on didn't even come close to zipping over "my girls," but then I met her.

The third dress I tried on changed everything. Not only did she zip, but she fit near perfectly and was so me! I didn't want to take her off and I swear my eyes started to sparkle. The attendant brought me a veil to try on with her (I swear they only do this when they think you've found "the dress"). I instantly named her Elizabeth because she was so perfect, classy, and timeless.

But wait, I'd waited my whole life to try on dresses so I kept going. Every dress I tried on paled in comparison to Elizabeth. There was a first runner up that was also beautiful, but my entourage (filled with women with many different opinions) all agreed that Elizabeth was the one for me.

I put her back on and teared up. I just knew. This was the dress I will marry B in. This is the dress that called to me. This was my wedding dress!! It was a pretty powerful moment.

For now all I'll share is that it's an Allure dress. We purchased her that day because she was in near perfect condition (which relieves some waiting for the dress to come stress) and the store even offered to let us bring her home. We left her until my alterations are done, but she is mine.

Did you know that your dress was "the one?"


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