Thursday, January 29, 2009

My name is Love and I'm addicted to french fries. . . and dessert!

There! It's out in the open. French fries, dessert, and bridal body aren't the best of friends. After being engaged for two months I've finally decided to get serious about my bridal fitness.

My goal: Tone. Lose 15 pounds.
Lofty goal: Lose 20-25 pounds.

I'd like to say I'm a "healthy" sized girl. In other words, I could stand to lose a little and I have "child bearing hips," as us Southern girls like to call it. I think that my goal is totally do-able in the 163 days until the wedding (but who's counting).

First, I admit that I have awful eating habits. As a recent college graduate, I took full advantage of the everyday cafeteria buffet (but I always walked all around my campus filled with hills). I also hate salad and most things that are deemed "good for you." The first step to bridal fitness for me is recognizing how I can improve my diet.

As a small town girl I have no easy access to a gym so I'm confined to home workouts. At the recommendation of many other brides-to-be I've started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, which I purchased from for less than $10! This workout is perfect for a girl like me who hates to work out and has never really done it before. The workout is only 20 minutes, but I promise it will kick your butt! It's great because I don't get bored and all parts of your body get a workout: strength, cardio, and abs. I need to do this more faithfully, but I can tell it's already begun to whip me into shape.

Finally, in order to watch what I eat more I started Weight Watchers. Okay, so my mom did the program a couple of years ago and still has all her materials. I'm using her books to keep track of my points, but avoiding going to meetings because I know there's no one in my generation attending the local ones. Something about going into a room of middle aged women to weigh myself doesn't get me excited. For now I'm simply keeping track of my daily points. Next week I may try the free online trial to see what resources it offers.

More than anything I want to take control of my diet and feel great about how I look on my wedding day--this matters far more to me than any number on the scale.

How are you getting bridal fit? Any suggestions?


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