Monday, January 26, 2009

Love's Flower Girl Dresses

(Promise an introduction to the wedding party is coming, but I was too excited to not share this now.)

Friday was the most spectacular wedding planning day! For the next few days I'll share my fabulous Friday finds!

Two of my younger cousins will serve as my flower girls. They're so excited and I wanted to make them feel like princesses. . . on a budget. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find flower girl dresses!

First, one of my cousins is pale. I mean pale! She has light blonde hair and pale skin so a white flower girl dress wasn't a great idea. Also, my cousins are eight and nine, which means they do not wear a 6x like many of the flower girl dresses I found online. It was difficult to find dresses in their size.

I was hesitant to put little girls in black dresses for fear that it would make them look too old until I found these! Love's Flower Girl Dresses

Perfection: Sizes. Price (and additional 15% off coupon code). Washable. Colors. And the girls fell in love with them (and the added bling).
The dresses are on back order and won't be here until March, but that's still in plenty of time for the wedding and to see what sizes these growing girls are.
Are you having a flower girl/s? Did you have trouble finding dresses?


Jenny said...

If you visit, you can find more colorful flower girl dresses for "pale" girls.

Heaven said...

Nice find.!! That dress is pretty fab.