Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love's Engagement Pictures (Amoré's Perspective)

What Love failed to mention in her post about her e-pics is that I begged--BEGGED--to take them! Since I took my sister and brother-in-law's e-pics back in 2005, I have had the fever. I love to take engagement pictures. There is something so special about this time in a relationship, and I consider it such a privilege to be a part of it.

I'll admit, I was nervous going into this shoot. The other couples I've shot for (Lisa & Josh, Laura & Matt, Erin & Matt, and non-e-pics for Lisa & Josh pre-ring, and for my former roommate Natalie & her boyfriend Hunter) were fun, and actually relatively easy. But Love & B? I know that Love reads the same blogs I do. She sees the gorgeousness that's out there. And I knew she would want something just as beautiful to tell her own "Love Story" (sorry for the pun!). So, the pressure was on! But, the nervousness was for nothing, because Love & B are so natural and so beautiful together. All I had to do was push the button! (Plus, as they were "thinking May" and freezing their behinds off, I was toasty warm in my coat and gloves! B cursed my warmth a few times... :-) ) On to the good stuff!

The icon of Knoxville--The Sunsphere. We parked at the Knoxville Museum of Art, and as we were headed to World's Fair Park, the sun was reflecting off the top of the 'Sphere in this gorgeous way. We had to stop! What's a Knoxville engagement shoot without this big gold ball?

I'm a huge sucker for "him-kissing-her-on-the-forehead" I love the smile on Love's face in this one.

Yet another Knoxville icon--The Tennessee Theatre. This one makes me particularly happy as I am a Tennessee girl, and Love's from Virginia. I consider it a small victory to get my state name in her e-pics :-)

Love had only a few requests for the day, one being shoe pictures. She had on fab red stilettos, who wouldn't want it documented?!

The week before we took these pictures, my office had our Christmas party at the Crown & Goose in the Old City. They had this great back patio that I thought would be perfect for a few shots. They were nice enough to let us crash just before closing to get a few cute café shots.

One of my favorites of the day! I know it's goofy, but deep down, I think every couple has this goofy side, and it's so fun to document it! This was the only shot the whole day I let them see on-camera during the shoot. We're on the top of the parking garage at Market Square, which turned out to be a fun place to shoot!

All.Time.Fave. This is why B is perfect for Love. He can put that look on her face. This is in front of one of the most beautiful churches in Knoxville--Church Street United Methodist.

Another fun thing Love & I share: future last initial. Her ring.

Love & B, thank you for trusting me with your engagement pictures. I had a blast! Now, back to editing so you can get your cd :-)


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