Friday, August 8, 2008

My New Favorite Bachelorette Game

Last night was my second-ever bachelorette party, and like the first, I helped host this one. I've got lots of details and pictures coming, but I wanted to write about a game that we played that is my new favorite. I'm particularly proud of it because the MOH and I came up with it together.

After scouring the internet for fun and not-terribily-inappropriate games, we came up empty-handed. We just weren't fans of the raunchy games that were deemed bachelorette party material. So while we were wandering around at a party store buying decorations, we stumbled upon a Magic 8 Ball knock-off and got inspired.

MOH ran around all day Thursday looking for a Magic 8 Ball, and was finally able to buy one at Toys R Us. Who knew they'd be so hard to track down? Armed with the 8 Ball, we explained to the girls at the party that we'd pass it around, and each in attendance would ask a question about the bride's future sex life and/or wedding night. Boy did we get a kick out of this!

Q: Will it hurt?
A: Don't count on it

Q: Will the bride be satisfied?
A: It is certain

Q: Will the bride be knocked up within a year?
A: Ask again later

after a "mmmmm" noise from tasting a good sip of her margarita:
Q: Will the bride make that noise on her wedding night?
A: Without a doubt

Without fail the Magic 8 Ball answered our questions in the best possible way. I even got asked if I had rigged it somehow--I hadn't! We're hanging onto the 8 ball for future bachelorette parties (and just girl get-togethers in general). How fun!

Have you made up any of your own bach. party games?

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