Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet the 'Maids!

Now that you know what they're wearing, allow me to introduce you to the four women who will be standing next to me as I say "I do!"

First, my little-big sister, Erin, is my Matron of Honor. Erin is 27 and is 4'10" (thus the little-big). While we spent the first 11 or so years of my life fighting, once she turned 16 and could drive, we became great friends. We're very different in a lot of ways, and in other ways we are oh-so-much alike. I was so privileged to be her maid of honor, and I'm so glad she's agreed to be my MOH, too. Here's a picture of Erin & me from her wedding.

Next we have my roommate, Natalie. Natalie & I have been friends since 5th grade. We decided the summer after 6th grade that we both wanted to go to Emory & Henry College and that we wanted to live together. Sure enough, 6 years later, we did. And believe it or not, we were friends before we were roommates and we're still friends after being roommates for 4 years! We've often joked that we have the same brain, but different bodies. We joined our sorority together and were pretty much attached at the hip for most of college. I can't imagine sharing college with anyone else, and it was a no-brainer to ask Natalie to be in my wedding. Here we are in our roommate-glory.

Next on the list (which is in no particular order, by the way, as I could never ever rank these incredible women!) is Lisa, another sorority sister. Lisa is probably one of the most challenging friends that I have ever had, in that she challenges me to become a better person. She challenges the way I think and the assumptions I've lived with my entire life. As a result, I am more educated and more confident. We met at Emory but I think our souls have known each other for much longer. I help her embrace her girlie side, and she helps me not take myself so seriously. We've been a lifeline for one another on many occasions. I was so privileged to be in her wedding just a few weeks ago, and I promised her to make as big a mess opening gifts at my shower as she did at hers! Here's a picture of us at her wedding, before she'd donned her dress.

Last and anything but least, is Melissa. On my Knot web page I call her my lifelong best friend, simply because there is no other way to put it. I can't put my finger on exactly when we became best friends, but it was sometime in middle school. We were in girl scouts together, had nearly all of our classes together our senior year in high school, and we were editors together on our senior yearbook. She went to NC for college and I went to VA, but you'd never know it. Whenever we saw each other we picked up like we'd been living across the street all this time. I'm so lucky that we're back in Knoxville together now that we've graduated. Melissa is a confidant, a spiritual adviser, and the closest of friends. We've both been planning our weddings since we were sophomores in high school, and since then, Melissa has always been a part of the wedding party. This picture is from our friend Laura's bachelorette party earlier this month.

How many 'maids are you having? How did you pick them?


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