Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love's life update

I love this comic! As a girl who's been planning her wedding through a couple of boyfriends I admit that this has been true on occasion. Not any more. . . B's a keeper!

I feel that a life update is in order. B's dream was to be a high school science teacher and recently that dream has become a reality. He got hired the week before classes started at my high school. That's right B is now a teacher at HHS, which is the small town high school I attended in my small town. Exciting and weird all at the same time. On Friday night, we attended the season's first football game and students rushed to him at the concession stand calling him by his "teacher name," which was incredibly weird for me. Details aside I'm beyond myself excited for him that his dream is coming true. He's the happiest I've ever seen him!

B moved to my small town and I moved back too. So now we're both in my hometown. Just as his job began, mine came into question. No, I'm not headed toward the unemployment line, but the campaign I work for could be over. I will still have a job, but I'm very unsure about the details. This brings lots of questions about my life. I'm sure that things will work out and that I know that God put us in this place for a reason.

The best part about all of this is the fact that I no longer have a timeline. Before I always knew that I had to wait to be married until B got a teaching job or the campaign was over and I was content with that. Now we'll both have jobs and be in a place where we could get married when we choose. Freedom. No longer will so many external influences control our decision. I'm not saying that we will run off tomorrow and elope (what kind of lifelong wedding planner would I be then), but we can decide the timing on our own. It simply feels good to be with the man I love and know that we can make our own decisions.

Ah, freedom!


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