Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In my red high heels

I love fabulous shoes! After a tragic incident where B's dog chewed up my brand new Nine West red high heels I recently purchased a new pair. I'm in love. It has been like reuniting with a long, lost love. I think that a fabulous pair of red high heels brings spice to my normal black wardrobe and can make even the worst of days a little brighter (don't get me started on how painting your toenails can change your life).

I think my wedding day will be the happiest day of my life and I want to feel that happiness right down to my toes. So that's why I will insist on wearing brightly colored shoes with my wedding gown. Now I know that red or pink heels will not perfectly match my white (or ivory or champagne or whatever shade I choose) dress, but it's my wedding day and I want my feet to be happy.

My grandmother passed away from breast cancer, but as she fought the disease she always wore her "happy shoes" on the days that she went for chemotherapy. Her happy shoes are proudly displayed in my parent's house today as a constant reminder that life should be lived to the fullest (and in fabulous shoes)!

Wearing happy shoes on your wedding day is not a foreign concept. In fact, a recent cover of Brides magazine featured a bride dressed in white and showing off her bright pink heels. Just think of all the fun pictures you can take of your happy feet on your happy day.

What are you doing to "spice" up your happy day?



LA Brides said...

(Sigh) Love, your fabulous red high heels make my white and silver strappys look so vanilla. Should I look for something more exciting for my wedding day feet?


Becca said...

I enjoy toying with the idea of using the brides shoes as an accent color that complements the entire decor that she chooses. I was most inspired by Sex & the CityBradshaw's character ultimately ends up getting married in a tea length white dress and beautiful blue Manolo shoe.

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