Sunday, August 24, 2008

And we have flowers!

Mom & I spent the day yesterday doing wedding things. It was so nice to take a break from all the crazy traveling I've been doing and just think about my wedding. The first stop on the list was a florist, Susie's Pretty Petals. The website's not that great, but her prices are phenomenal, and I love what we came up with for my florals. 

The quest for gorgeous florals has been an interesting one. First, I wanted all whites.
 No greens. No nothing. Just whites. Then Momma Amoré brought up the point that all-white flowers wouldn't show up well against my all-white dress. Then, once I saw Financial Bridesmaid wearing her dress, I realized that I needed color in the BM bouquets as well. So, I started looking for something I liked. Knowing that my palette is navy & sage, and knowing that "navy" is not-so-much a flower color, I decided to stick with greens and whites. Fo
r good measure, I thought some yellows might be nice to add. Still analogous, soft, and
 hopefully gorgeous. However, I just couldn't find "my" bouquet in photo form. Here are some of my inspirations. 

(all from the knot)

So, going off of these general ideas, Momma Amoré & I met with the florist. I felt like such a huge pain in the butt, because I kept changing my mind in the course of the meeting. I had sent her an image that I said I really loved, and by the time we go there, I had decided that I didn't really love it anymore. Plus, we are not using boutonnières for the wedding party (more on that later). But, half way through, I realized that we needed bouts for the dads and my grandfather. And I've since realized that I'll want bouts for the cousins who will be helping with the guest
 book and programs. So I've got to call her and add those, too :)

But, Susie was incredibly nice and very helpful. She's a wedding coordinator, too, so she had lots of helpful advice. She was able to make some great suggestions, and I'm really happy with what we've come up with. Since we just sort of worked from photos to piece a bouquet together, I don't have anything that will show you what the bouquet itself will look like. However, I'll try to paint the picture for you using these two images. 

The bridal bouquet will have white hydrangeas and green coffee berries, just like this photo. (source) Mine will also include light cream roses, yellow "Judy" roses and a single bright white rose. I'll also have some pearl sprigs to add a little luxury.  (source)

The bridesmaids' bouquets will have pale yellow gerber daisies like in this. They will also have the same cream roses and green coffee berries that are in my bouquet. (source)

Two of my bridesmaids are also sorority sisters, so their bouquets, like mine, will feature a single bright white rose, which is our sorority flower. It was very important to me that their bouquets have these flowers because of the symbolism we associate with them. All of the bouquets will be wrapped in the same navy ribbon that we're using on the pew bows (more on those later, too!)

Corsages for the mothers will feature three cream roses, coffee berry, and pearl sprigs with ivy. Corsages for the grandmothers will be two cream roses, coffee berry and ivy.
Corsages for the reader (that's Love!), and another sorority sister who is helping will each be one bright white rose with ivy (again, the sorority symbolism).
The corsage for the female guestbook attendant will be one cream rose with ivy.

The fathers' boutonnières will be cream roses with coffee berry and ivy, as will the bout for my grandfather. The male program attendants and guest book attendant will each have a cream rose with ivy for their boutonnières. 

Susie will also be crafting an altar arrangement and a memorial arrangement, but we still have to pin down the details on those. 

And we'll be able to do all of this for under $800. I call that a victory.

So, what do you think? Who are you honoring with special flowers? Are you forgoing flowers in favor of something less traditional?


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