Monday, August 25, 2008

Dressing the Maids

I originally titled this post "dressing the girls," but have since decided to save that post for when I decide what undergarments I'll be wearing on my wedding day!

Anyway, on to the bridesmaids dresses! Since I figured out that I would probably be having a spring or summer wedding, I've had my eye on a particular dress from David's Bridal for my bridesmaids. I first fell in love with the dress in clover, but later decided the marine was what I wanted.

Here's a shot of the dress itself:
( from David's Bridal)

And here's a bridal party shot of the dress:
(from Danielle Bryan Photography)

The color Marine is a dark navy, and it can tend to look like black. However, I think having the bouquets wrapped in navy ribbon will really help you see the navy color. Plus, the men will be in navy, so I think everyone will get the picture :)

And lest you think these dresses were a cut-and-dry part of the wedding, have no fear! I called the store to see if the dresses would, by any chance, be discontinued sometime soon, and the woman at David's said they three days!! I scrambled to contact all of my maids to have them call and order their dresses, lest they be discontinued and we come up one dress short! Hippy Bridesmaid even had to order hers while she was on vaycay at the beach! Talk about dedication.

And when I went back to David's a few weeks ago to look for a veil, guess which dresses were still in the store, hanging on the racks, ready to be ordered at any given time...

At least my girls all have their dresses now...

Did you have any drama or close-calls in your BM dresses? Did you know early on what you wanted?


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