Monday, July 21, 2008

Save My Date, Dangit!

Ok, so my STDs are not quite that forceful...But that's my thought, anyway. :) I'm a self-professed design geek, though my formal training is limited to a few courses in college. However, I love it, and so the chance to design my own wedding stationery pretty much makes me want to burst with excitement. Enter my first wedding stationery project: Save the Date postcards!

C told me about VistaPrint, so I decided to check it out. You can get ALL KINDS of print products there: business cards, magnets, post cards, invitations, even tshirts! So, after browsing around and playing with their "design-your-own tool," I decided that postcards made the most sense for C & me. The reason? Postage prices. It's 15 cents cheaper to mail a postcard than it is to mail an enveloped card. Postcards it is! Plus, since the overall feeling of our wedding is casual and fun, a postcard fit our style perfectly. I designed the card using Adobe InDesign, then I uploaded a PDF to VistaPrint. I love the result!
I've always pictured my STDs to look like this. For some reason, I love the calendar with the date of the wedding called out graphically. For us, that meant a circle in our sage green, and the number in navy. Our names are in navy, with our ampersand in green, and the little A&C in the corner is our logo. That's right. I made us a logo. C said I could, I promise! The rest of the text is in black. I chose two fonts (actually 3, the ampersand is a third font), which is a pretty big deal. I'm all about branding and consistency, so that means that I'll be married (excuse the pun) to these fonts for the rest of the wedding stationery. But I'm really happy with the way they turned out.
The postcards are shiny, which was definitely a requirement. The backside is matte, so it was easy to address the cards. I addressed them myself using an ultra-fine point Sharpie. The Sharpie wasn't necessary, I could have used a regular pen, but I love the look of Sharpies. I didn't try to use a fancy script or handwriting, just my own. I could have had VistaPrint print my return address on the back of the postcard for a small price, but I opted against it. I'm glad that I did now, because when I was designing/ordering the cards, I completely forgot to list the wedding website. So, I went back to VistaPrint and ordered a small rubber return address stamp with my parents' address and our website. The best part about all of this? For the stamp and the cards, I paid less than $40. For 250 cards. So, that means per-card, I spent approximately 16 cents; add the 27 for postage and the grand total is 43 cents a piece!
I've heard from several recipients already and so far they've gotten rave reviews! What do you think?

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