Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My first official wedding purchase: SHOES!

I know, it seems like a strange place to start, right? But let me explain. My dress (which I will refrain from showing online, lest C read the blog and sneak a peek) required a "hollow to hem" measurement before it could be ordered. That means that the lovely seamstress from White Lace & Promises measured me from the hollow of my neck to the floor. Therefore, I needed the shoes I was planning on wearing the day of so she could get an accurate measurement of how tall I will be that day. 

So, once Mom & I decided to go with the dress we fell in love with at White Lace, it was time to search for shoes. Now, let me say to start with that I'm working on a budget. We're talking $8,000 max with a guest list of about 360. That's intense. Let me also say that my feet are microscopic. If I want a dress pump, I need a size 4. That's right, a 4. C likes it because my shoe size and my ring size are the same, so it's fewer numbers to remember. Finding shoes in such a tiny size is near impossible. I typically end up going with a 5 (if I'm lucky) or a 5 1/2, and trying to deal. Sandals typically fit better than pumps, too. So, while I could have gone with some gorgeous white heels from the bridal salon, I opted to check out some of the less expensive shoe stores first. Insert quest for inexpensive, cute, tiny, white sandals. And where did I find them? Rack Room. But the smallest size they had was a 6--way too big for my tiny peds. I asked them to check the surrounding stores for the shoe in a smaller size, with no luck. After I 
went home and talked with my mom (Yes, I live at home, I'm a boomerang child and at peace with it...but that's another post), we decided to look for them online. And though you can't buy from Rack Room online, you can search their inventory & call the store to ask them to ship the shoes to your local store. My wedding shoes came to me from Florida, and they arrived the day before my measurement appointment. The price tag? Including the almost 10% Tennessee sales tax: $32.48. Not too shabby. Have you had to go to great lengths to get what you want and/or save a buck?

My size 5s! Photo from Rack Room


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