Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet Love . . .

I'm Love.

First, I should warn you that I'm not planning my actual wedding now. I won't be buying my shoes anytime soon. I'm not married or engaged. I am simply wedding and planning obsessed. I have been in a serious relationship for the past nine months with B.

In fact, my current job is scheduler for a statewide political campaign. I spend my days planning someone else's schedule and events (that have recently resembled a wedding reception--only celebrating the Democratic party instead of marriage). I have a massive wedding file already saved that's ready for when I am.

Yes, my current status is that I'm not ready for marriage. I love weddings, but I realize that although I'm very much in love with B I simply am not ready for a marriage of my own (although his mother is ready for ours). Somehow, in my mind, I can separate the wedding planning from the need for marriage in my near future. I am not in a hurry. I want to get married very much someday, but I realize that day is not today or tomorrow or the next. . . .

I am also a professional bridesmaid. Nearly all of my closet friends are married and I have been blessed to share with them on their special days. I have a closet full of dresses and swear that 27 Dresses is the movie of my life (I'm not quite at 27 yet, but I'm still collecting dresses). For now I am content with playing the supporting actress in weddings.

So I'm here to offer thoughts from my perspective (which is often very different from Amore's). I won't be purchasing a wedding dress, but I promise I'll look.


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