Thursday, July 10, 2008


So I told you the story of my engagement, but failed to show you the ring! My apologies! I've attached pictures below.

Also, to take a minute to brag on my man, I wanted to tell you what lengths C went to for my rock. We ventured to the mall to jewelry stores together in February of this years. I was, of course, ecstatic. Anyway, we hit all the major jewelry stores (there were at least 5, if not 7...I can't remember). At each store, we browsed, and even tried on a few we liked. C wanted to get an idea about what I liked, what different sized stones looked like on my hand, band width, etc. We also learned a new vocabulary word: Tiffany setting. This is a lower setting than the cathedral, and it's great because it allows you to see the lower point of the diamond = more sparkle. Also, the prongs are set just on the corners of the princess cut, allowing maximum light onto the stone, also = more sparkle. We both really liked the Tiffany setting for all these reasons (and I secretly loved it because it's called Tiffany, and what girl doesn't want a little Tiffany in her diamond???)

So, it came time for C to buy a ring. We really liked the sales person at one of the stores when we shopped in February, so he decided that was where he would buy the ring. So, the morning he wanted to purchase he arrived at the mall at 9. Too bad it doesn't open till 10! So, he occupied himself for an hour, then made his way to the store. He found out that the sales person we had talked to before no longer worked there, so he tried working with another sales person. However, this person was very rude and not at all helpful. So C took his money elsewhere.

Enter Kay Jewelers. "Every kiss begins with Kay," and now I see why! C spent over an hour with the sales person looking at different diamonds through their scope. He finally found the one he wanted, but it was in a setting he didn't care for. C then picked out another ring that had the band width he wanted. Then he told the sales person that he wanted a Tiffany setting, with the prongs cut down so that the diamond would sit as low to the ring as possible, while still being able to see the lowest point of the diamond. He made the purchase at 11:30 that morning, and they called him to tell him it was ready to be picked up at 5 p.m. Talk about service! He picked up the ring the next day and gave it to me a week later.

Size 4, princess cut, F color, I clarity, .8 carat. perfect.

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