Friday, October 3, 2008

Ring Shopping: Party of 1?

I have a confession to make. I've been engagement ring shopping. . . . . with myself. B and I have looked online together lots, but per his rules for engagement, we will not be going ring shopping together.

So, I took it upon myself to go shopping! I don't want to miss out on trying on rings and deciding what I love and what looks best on me. I started a new job as an admissions counselor for a law school (whoo for new job), which requires lots of travel. While traveling "with myself" I also go shopping "with myself." This way I get the experience, I feel like I'm doing research (the best kind ever), and B still gets to surprise me. Win, win!

I get to shop around in a different city every week and don't have to worry about the pressure of a jewelry salesperson. Sorry, Amore!
I've gone back and forth deciding what I love, but these are a few of my favorites from Kay Jewelers (which seems to be the store of choice for LA Brides this week :-):

#1 Princess cut (source): I love this ring and what girl doesn't want to wear a diamond called Princess? I mean really?! I love the band and the look of the two together. I think I might be getting attached to this ring. . . . .

#2 Radiant Cut (source): I had never noticed this cut until the non-pushy saleswoman put it on my finger. I'm a fan of emerald cut, but it takes a big emerald (and budget) to make it stand out. The radiant cut stands out like an emerald and catches my eye in the same way. I think it's unique and beautiful!

Ok, now that I've shared with you some of my favorites you need to know my conclusions about the engagement ring shopping experience: It doesn't matter what he kind of ring he gives me. I'm done with making lists and rules about the engagement. I trust him. I love him. He's the one I pick and I know that whatever ring he picks for me will be perfect.

Back in the day (okay a year ago) when I went ring shopping with Amore so she could make her list (doesn't every girl do this) a wise, non-pushy jewelry salesman told us that doing our "homework" and making lists were good, but in the end it doesn't matter what kind of ring he puts on your finger because it's something that he's picked for you.

In the end all I want is him and I know that whatever kind of ring he chooses will be my new favorite.

What was your engagement ring shopping experience? Did you get what you picked out?


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