Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pressure from the Jewelry Store

A few weeks ago, I innocently suggested that C & I go to the jewelry store to check out wedding bands. Little did I know that I was signing him up for harassment.

C bought my ring from the Kay Jewelers store located in West Town Mall here in KnoxVegas. He had a great experience there! The sales person he worked with was nice, helpful, and attentive. Unfortunately, the mall is outside of the 10-miles-from-home radius that I try to stick to when it comes to my daily life. I'm spoiled, right? But, there is a Kay store that is within my radius, so I figured that even though C bought my e-ring from the mall, we'd transfer our business to the closer store for the duration.

So, we went to the closer Kay a few weeks ago to check out the selection. Since then, C has gotten several phone calls on his cell and has received a postcard as a part of a mass direct mail campaign from this store. The sales person we worked with was not very knowledgeable--she had to keep asking the other person working for answers. And on top of that, she repeatedly called C to check up on him to see if he/we had made a decision. The phone calls became so disruptive to C's life, that he actually called the store and asked to be removed from their contact list!

Fast forward a few days, and C gets a hand written note card from Jessica, the woman he bought my e-ring from. He let me read the card. It was short, and it concentrated more on taking care of C, me & my ring than it did on selling him anything. She said she knew I loved the ring (she was right!) and that we should come in sometime to have it cleaned. She then suggested coming into the store to look for a Christmas gift for me (yes, please!) or to look at bands. And the last line of the note let us know that there is a sale at the Kay store in the mall this weekend.

We'll be buying our bands from Jessica.

Here's what we're thinking about getting:

For me, a baguette eternity band {source}. This is not an eternity band, but you get the idea. We'd like for the diamonds to go all the way around on mine. I love that C knows that I love *bling* We loved how the baguette stones looked next to my princess e-ring.

C has always wanted a simple band. So, for his choice, he wants a plain band in Tungsten, about 5mm wide. This ring came from here {source}. We love the tungsten because it's a strong metal (not resizable, though) and because of it's darker, gun metal color. Also, Tungsten is not considered a precious metal, which makes the cost of this ring super budget-friendly. And if he ever needs a different size, we can get him a new one without too much pocket-ache.

Have you had trouble with vendors or other sales people harassing you for business? How did you handle it?


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