Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Animoto Slideshow

Animoto is my new love today. It's an amazing site where you can upload your pictures or easily get them from Facebook, Flickr, and other picture sites and instantly turn them into a beautiful slideshow. You can upload your own music or choose to use orignial music from the site (which I did). The 30 second video is free and you can use up to 15 photos. You can also choose to "spotlight" your favorite photos. Because it's timed it may cut you off before 15 photos (I only got 11).

How easy and fun! I chose to use Lisa's wedding as a practice and within five minutes this is what I got:

You can choose a full length video for just $3 or an unlimited subscription for $30 a year. I haven't gone that far yet, but my first 30 second video has me excited about this service!

Just think of all the possibilites!


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