Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 100 Wedding Blogs

How many wedding blogs do you read? Only LA Brides, right? Just kidding! Well, most brides to be overwhelm themselves with wedding blogs in search of inspiration, deals, DIY instructions, and advice. I admit I'm one of them. I would be lost without Google Reader to manage all the blogs I read.

In case you feel like you're missing a blog or two BrideTide.com announced the Top 100 Wedding Blogs of 2009. The links are categorized by topic and there's something to be found for every bride.

I've been reading wedding blogs since long before I was engaged. Blogs have provided me with tons of great ideas and serve as a way to see a variety of weddings and styles. At this point in my planning process (102 days to go), I simply use blogs to search out details and day of advice. Most of my "big decisions" are done and I hope to blog about those soon.

What do you use wedding blogs for? What's your favorite?



AmyJean said...

I use my wedding blogs for idea... my blog roll alone keeps me very busy. So many talented brides out there! :)

BrideTide.com said...

Thanks so much for the mention! Hoping the next 102 days until your wedding day goes perfect! Cheers, BrideTide

Chatterberries said...

Blogs are great reference for wedding blogs. keep up the good work! More updates from you.

Kathy said...

Relentless Bride is a great read.

Melesha said...

I would have to agree that relentless Bride is great.