Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prices from 1939? No joke!

Glamour is one of my favorite magazines. I love that it offers beauty, health, and sex tips along with stories about real women and social justice. I think that Glamour is one of the magazines that comes close to reflecting real women today (well, at least closer than lots of other women's magazines).

In honor of Glamour's 70th Anniversary they're offering a one year subscription for $1.50. No joke. $1.50! That's the price of their one year subscription in 1939 when they began. Subscribe today!

This is a steal! The offer lasts until March 15. I plan on renewing my subscription and sending out a few as gifts.
*If you send the subscription yourself it automatically rewnews next year at the regular subscription rate. However, if you send a gift subscription to yourself you don't have to worry about the automatic renewal.

Find any great steals lately?


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