Monday, March 16, 2009

Shower Inspiration

BM Tabitha's mother is one of the women I look up to most. She is fabulous, successful, creative, and has craft skills I can only dream about. Tabitha's older sister is expecting her first child and her mother coordinated an amazing shower! Now I know this is a wedding blog and I am not ready to be talking about babies, but a lot of her ideas can translate well into a wedding shower. . . it's all about a fabulous celebration no matter what the occasion!

The shower was "The Sweetest Thing" themed.:

She used the green paper lanterns left over from Tabitha's wedding and purchased new green ones to celebrate the baby boy!

Her mother took her pregnant pictures and made this mural above the gift table. I can only imagine how fabulous engagement pictures could look like this too!

What are some shower ideas you have?



Amber said...

The shower looks wonderful ... I blogged about the Baby Shower I threw last weekend. Come take a look, it is a few posts back :)

AmyJean said...

That cake is awesome! Great Blog!