Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rock of Love

I've been engaged for a month and it's about time you met "the ring!"

I met her for the first time when B proposed. As you recall, Be had his own rules of engagement. He wanted the ring to be a total surprise and he wanted to choose it all by himself.

One weekend he went to Knoxville to visit his family for no reason. Actually he just went for the night and asked me to not to come with him. I thought it was strange, but made plans for a girls night and moved on.

What I now know is that he had been searching online for months and had finally found the ring he fell in love with at Jared's. He called the store and asked them to save the ring until he was able to visit. When he visited the store he barely looked at other rings because he knew this was "the one" he wanted.

The ring is a princess cut in a prong setting with 10 princess cut side stones in a channel setting.
He choose well!

As much as I wanted to go ring shopping with him before we got engaged I think the ring means more to me because he picked it out himself. It truly was a surprise and gift.

Was your ring a surprise? How was your ring chosen?

Coming soon: ring o' drama


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