Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you seen this?

While avoiding writing my recaps posts (but my pro pics came in the mail today! Yay!) I invite you to share in this glorious video. Please forgive the lack of embedding. "Embedding disabled by request."

I have gotten this link in an email 3 times this week. Three Times. That's a lot for a single YouTube Video. And while I try to avoid blatant YouTube-ing at work, I had a chance to watch the video tonight. (While waiting on my pictures to transfer from disc to hard drive!). I love it!
It's cute, it's funny, and you can clearly get a picture of how fun and wonderful this couple really is.

What's the most unique bridal party entrance you've seen or been a part of? Would you be willing to do this if a friend asked you to?


(and a gratuitous wedding pic, complements of Mark Boxley)

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